Staging & Rigging

SEE FACTOR has an extensive inventory of truss, motors, motor control, staging and specialty items. From a huge super grid, to a small press riser, we can accommodate your needs.

Our CM chain hoist inventory includes sizes from, ¼ ton to 2 ton capacities. Truss is available in all sizes and lengths. Specialty items include a huge assortment of circle truss, line array lifting towers and much more.

We also provide self-climbing towers for roof systems in multiple configurations as well as for video wall support and self-climbing grids for situations that don’t accommodate rigging.

Our staging inventory consists of Staging Concepts products with platforms and rolling risers of all sizes.

SEE FACTOR Staging & Rigging Equipment List

Motors and Control

  • Skjonberg And Motion Labs Control Systems
  • CM Manual Chain Hoist
  • CM ¼ Ton Chain Hoist
  • CM Double Reeved ¼ Ton Chain Hoist
  • CM ½ Ton Chain Hoist
  • CM 1 Ton Chain Hoist
  • CM 2 Ton Chain Hoist


  • James Thomas Engineering & Tomcat Truss – All Sizes And Lengths
  • Full Array Of Lifting Bars, Grapples etc.
  • 1 And 2 Ton Tower Systems
    Roof Systems / Various Sizes
  • Circle Truss In Sizes From 10’ Diameter To 40’ Diameter
  • Applied Electronics Line Array Towers


  • Staging Concepts Sc 90 Platforms
    2’x4’ / 2’x8’ / 4’x4’ / 4’x8’
  • Stages To Any Size And Height
  • Heavy Duty Sc9600 Support Frames
  • Rolling Risers To Any Size And Height